Your primary goal in this program is to be more than prepared to achieve licensure in the area of Cosmetology Instructor, and you will need to complete 3 areas of testing when preparing for licensure in the State of Minnesota:

  • Instructor Written Exam, including Minnesota State Law

  • Instructor Practical Exam 

  • Instructor Written Outlines for subject being tested

Professional Salon Academy will provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning the most about the work involved in becoming a Cosmetology Educator.

The course will take place over the course of one week, and needs to be completed in a 5-day time frame, no exceptions.  The course will start on a Monday and will complete on Friday of the same week.  Upon full completion of this course, you will receive a 38-Hour Completion Certificate, which is needed to obtain licensure with the State.


Included in the course is the Master Educator Book and workbook, along with a current copy of Minnesota Statutes & Rules.  

Please contact Wendy Brown for inquiries or to register.

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