Instruction takes place in a number of ways:

  • Classroom lecture

    • There will be lectures for theoretical areas of instruction

  • Hands-on Education

    • The most prevalent of teaching methods at Professional Salon Academy. We believe that in order for you to achieve your maximum potential as a student stylist, you need immediate hands-on education. Beginning the very first days of your schooling, you will be “hands-on” in a classroom setting.

  • Exams (Written & Practical)

    • Beginning the first week, there will be written exams for theoretical work completed in the classroom. There is a calendar to follow for chapter assignments.  These written exams are all required for you to receive your diploma.

    • First practical exam is given so we can determine that you have enough basic knowledge in each subject to be servicing clients on the clinic floor.

      • First practical exam is given at or near:

        • 240 hours for Cosmetology

        • 120 hours for Aesthetics

        • 50 hours for Nail Technology

    • Second practical exam is to ensure that your education is where it should be for mid-term in your clock hours, and that you are making the progress we expect for the hours completed.

      • Second practical exam is given at or near:

        • 775 hours for Cosmetology

        • 300 hours for Aesthetics

        • 225 hours for Nail Technology

    • Final practical exam demonstrates that you have competencies to sufficiently service clientele in a mock salon setting, and that at any time, the safety of that clientele will not be in question.​

      • Final Practical Exam is given once you have completed:​

        • 1350 hours for Cosmetology​

        • 500 hours for Aesthetics

        • 350 hours for Nail Technology

Once you have taken your 1350, 500, or 350 hour practical exam, you will be scheduled to take the Final Written Exam. We give this test to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your Written State Board Exams for licensure in the state of Minnesota.

Our curriculum is based on giving you a very in-depth foundation on which to build the rest of your career.  We offer many areas of expertise, including, but not limited to, Styling, Cutting, Chemical Restructuring, Coloring, Shampooing, Manicuring, Pedicuring, Artificial Nail Application, and  Skincare. Your hands-on education will far exceed your textbook learning. With the wide variety of customer options given here at Professional Salon Academy, we will prepare you for more than just an entry-level position and will guide you in your decisions for your future.

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